DFG Legal

DFG Legal DFG legal is a name when it comes to searching for family lawyers in Perth. They have been providing quality and affordable legal services for 30 years. They are experts in family law, commercial law, employment law, wills and estates and others. Being awarded by APAC Insider as the Best Family Lawyer 2018 […]


BMS LAW BMS LAW (Australia) and BMS LAW LLC (Singapore) house over 45 years of practical experience as barristers, advocates, and solicitors. We are trusted advisors to individuals and corporations. We have extensive knowledge in both civil and criminal litigation.

Tolcon Legal

Tolcon Legal Family Lawyers With over 20 years’ experience in all areas of Family Law in Perth and across Australia, Tolcon Legal provides the guidance, knowledge and compassion to deliver practical advice, and caring resolution to Family Law disputes. We ensure that our clients receive proper advice on their rights and obligations, and offer concise […]