Nanokote WA

Nanokote WA are the only licensed applicators in Perth of revolutionary nanoparticle coating products for surfaces of all sorts. Nanokote WA provides water, oil and dirt repellant coatings that produce a self-cleaning effect for the surface it is applied to. This means significant reductions in surface cleaning time and a sealing of the substrate from moisture and UV damage too. This technology can be used to prevent graffiti, built-up grime from pollution, water stains, finger-prints, mould and most other forms of staining on anything from brick and tile to glass, metal and plastic. Our treatments also include non-slip floor coatings. All treatments are guaranteed to last between 3 and 10 years depending on the surface type, and we have been approved by WA Mainroads. We can also come to you and perform restoration of your surface, including scratch removal before applying the Nanokote process to your surfaces. Don’t waste time and money on cleaning, when you can prevent your surfaces from becoming dirty in the first place.

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