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June O’Connor emerged at a time when the mental health sector was dominated by institutions and the reputation of such services was at an all-time low. June’s vision was to help people to help themselves, using a model of community-based, drop in service.

JOC is dedicated to supporting individuals with mental illness on their recovery journey, by assisting them to discover and develop a meaningful life.

JOC’s Wellness and Recovery service is person-centred and provides flexible mobile and community-based support services for clients who are living independently, but not necessarily alone, in their community.

A major objective of JOC’s Wellness & Recovery service is to support the people we work with to achieve their life goals and personal outcomes, and assist with developing safeguards for individuals if necessary.

Events & Activities

JOC Wellness & Recovery provide a number of activities that offer clients the means to achieve their recovery goals.

Our activities and events range from art and music classes through to support groups and hydrotherapy and have been tailored to work alongside and complement broader recovery plans.

Our program is supported by funding from the WA Mental Health Commission and the Department of Health’s “Support for Day to Day Living in the Community” program. Access to JOC programs requires a referral from your Primary Health Professional.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping towards your recovery.

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